How To Use SSH to Connect to a Remote Server in Ubuntu

Enable SSH in Ubuntu Server

Install it by running the following command in your Ubuntu terminal.

sudo apt-get install openssh-server -y

Check SSH Status

sudo service ssh status

Configure SSH in Ubuntu Server

Configure SSH by running the following command in Ubuntu terminal.

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

When you open the file, find and change the following item(default port)

# Port 22


Port 22

Restart SSH in Ubuntu Server

Apply the changes by restarting SSH.

sudo service ssh restart

Create SSH Keys

SSH keys allow authentication between two hosts without the need of a password. SSH key authentication uses two keys, a private key and a public key. The first step is to create a key pair on the client machine

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Copy the public key to the remote server

There are 3 ways to copy your public key to remote server(Ubuntu etc.).

Copy public key using ssh-copy-id

To copy public key to remote computer run the following command in local computer.

ssh-copy-id username@remote_host

Copy public key using ssh

ssh kenanhancer

ssh kenanhancer@

ssh username@remote_host -p port

Copy public key manually

To display the content of your key, type this into your local computer.

cat ~/.ssh/

chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Connect to Remote computer

you should make sure the ~/.ssh directory exists. This command will create the directory if necessary, or do nothing if it already exists.

mkdir -p ~/.ssh

Copy public_key_string from local computer and paste instead of public_key_string in remote computer.

echo public_key_string >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys


echo ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDBmtMX3tBQCHMt8p+3zP/spcamBXLAGEGNtBt1O12FXOEAX5Xw6lCNRJdH5WsdZHPUtGmwIjWZBK3ezQgw1biI3PREMmG11sDZHd5GYwAqoswyaaZsv4vEoQIkZx32rH6vm8XgszKXxtMVkhK3LfAO6Hzot4FrMjqg2eB8pvy5Nsz0MjJmdfpXkJadxofFsxkP8l6YzOWLZFWNEvqeHzmxzl1/FEdhWrdR9i4h9K5vvBKUkmTTn1WyoCKqmKdHiNRlNOfnNMJV3e/IJGzXRmFzqFQ2ApOm5Qu8r1hZ5gV87ShKnCy1++x9VNPbX4LeY56F/Ud5cp1kaOyT4RkT37FJ kenanhancer@kenans-mbp.mynet >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Check key in Remote computer if you want to see

cat ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Login to Ubuntu Server via SSH

Let's check docker containers and docker images in remote Ubuntu server by running the following command from local computer

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