C# Pipeline Handler & Logger

I have created a demo project for log handler and TryCatch wrapper (http://kenanhancer.com/2018/06/26/c-trycatchwrapper-and-logging/_.

I need a logger which can write to console and file at the same time. So, I created this demo which creates logger pipeline dynamicly. When code runs, it will write message in console and FileLog.log file at the same time.

Docker VirtualBox with Vagrant

If you have installed Vagrant CLI (https://kenanhancer.com/2019/09/22/creating-starting-stopping-packaging-and-publishing-a-vagrant-box/), just run the following command to create docker installed virtual box.

The following command will download Vagrant box from Vagrant Cloud.

vagrant init kenanhancer/DockerMachine

This command will up and run the virtual machine in your VirtualBox. So you need to install VirtualBox as well 🙂

vagrant up

If you want to check status of virtual machine, run the following command.

vagrant status

If you want to see ports of virtual machine, run the following command.

vagrant port

to connect created virtual machine, run the following command in the Vagrantfile directory.

vagrant ssh

if you want to see details of Vagrantfile, check it as below.

Creating a Vagrant Package file

vagrant package --output dockermachine.box --vagrantfile Vagrantfile

Pushing Created Vagrant Package to Vagrant Cloud

After you create a Vagrant Package, run the following command in the package file location.

vagrant push

C# LocalDataStoreSlot, ThreadStatic, and ThreadLocal To Pass Thread Specific Data

Every thread will have isolated data. I try to show that concurrent web requests are coming to Controller classes and different data is passed to the threads. Lastly, don’t use with async/await, it is not working properly.