Designing OOP Step by Step

I read Head First Design Patterns book shown as below. It is pretty good reference of Design Patterns. If you want to familiar of Design Patterns, i recommend it definitely. This post contains some examples of this book but in a different presentation. When I want to remember fundamentals of Design Patterns, this post will remind me 🙂 I hope that you will benefit from this post.

LoopBack 3 – Simple API with Oracle Example

Expose your Oracle Database as a REST service with LoopBack 3 (Node.js Open API Framework)

This post is continuation of previous post

So if you want to start from beginning, read that one as well.

Follow this link to create a Oracle container 🙂

You can find LoopBack 3 project in the following repository. After clonning switch to oracle branch 🙂 or run the following command.

git checkout oracle

Kubernetes configure kubectl to use multiple clusters

First of all, you need to have kubectl CLI in your host machine. So, follow the below steps.

Install with Chocolatey on Windows

choco install kubernetes-cli

Install with Homebrew on MacOS

brew install kubernetes-cli

Install with Kubernetes Official Documentation(with Curl)

Follow this link

Test to ensure the version you installed

kubectl version

Checking kubectl config

When you run below command, you will see output as shown in the following screenshot. I didn’t configure yet so, it shows an empty config.

kubectl config view
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