JavaScript Promise and Async/Await

Asynchronous functions always return a Promise. So, I added following promise example firstly.

Promise Examples

The following three examples are doing same job. I used function statement and arrow function in Promise.

Promise with Function Declaration(Function Statement)

Promise with Arrow Function

Async Examples

Async Function Declaration(Function Statement)

Async Function Expression

Async Arrow Function

Await Examples

JavaScript – ECMAScript

I finally decided to write this post as well. I have collected many information from different links. When I need to remember fundamentals of JavaScript, I spend too much time in google. Because many developers just focused on specific features of JavaScript. In addition to this, different naming conventions are used, even they are mentioning about same topic 🙂
So, this is very very useful post for me. I hope that it will help any developers who need this kinds of collective documentation.

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Designing OOP Step by Step

I read Head First Design Patterns book shown as below. It is pretty good reference of Design Patterns. If you want to be familiar of Design Patterns, i recommend it definitely. This post contains some examples of this book but in a different presentation. When I want to remember fundamentals of Design Patterns, this post will remind me 🙂 I hope that you will benefit from this post.

I will create a class diagram and improve it step by step.

If you don't want to read all paragraphs, you just view class diagrams and code samples step by step. But, i heavily recommend to read and think of this post 🙂

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