How to create and run C# project

This post is just a reminder for me. So in order to find more details about dotnet CLI, follow the below link

$ dotnet new console -h

Console App (C#)
Author: Microsoft
Description: A project for creating a command-line application that can run on .NET on Windows, Linux and macOS

  dotnet new console [options] [template options]

  -n, --name <name>       The name for the output being created. If no name is specified, the name of the output directory is used.
  -o, --output <output>   Location to place the generated output.
  --dry-run               Displays a summary of what would happen if the given command line were run if it would result in a template creation.
  --force                 Forces content to be generated even if it would change existing files.
  --no-update-check       Disables checking for the template package updates when instantiating a template.
  --project <project>     The project that should be used for context evaluation.
  -lang, --language <C#>  Specifies the template language to instantiate.
  --type <project>        Specifies the template type to instantiate.

Template options:
  -f, --framework <net5.0|net6.0|net7.0>  The target framework for the project.
                                          Type: choice
                                            net7.0  Target net7.0
                                            net6.0  Target net6.0
                                            net5.0  Target net5.0
                                          Default: net7.0
  --langVersion <langVersion>             Sets the LangVersion property in the created project file
                                          Type: text
  --no-restore                            If specified, skips the automatic restore of the project on create.
                                          Type: bool
                                          Default: false
  --use-program-main                      Whether to generate an explicit Program class and Main method instead of top-level statements.
                                          Type: bool
                                          Default: false

To see help for other template languages (F#, VB), use --language option:
   dotnet new console -h --language F#

Creating a C# Project

$ dotnet new --list

These templates matched your input: 

Template Name                                 Short Name          Language    Tags                            
--------------------------------------------  ------------------  ----------  --------------------------------
ASP.NET Core Empty                            web                 [C#],F#     Web/Empty                       
ASP.NET Core gRPC Service                     grpc                [C#]        Web/gRPC                        
ASP.NET Core Web API                          webapi              [C#],F#     Web/WebAPI                      
ASP.NET Core Web App                          webapp,razor        [C#]        Web/MVC/Razor Pages             
ASP.NET Core Web App (Model-View-Controller)  mvc                 [C#],F#     Web/MVC                         
ASP.NET Core with Angular                     angular             [C#]        Web/MVC/SPA                     
ASP.NET Core with React.js                    react               [C#]        Web/MVC/SPA                     
ASP.NET Core with React.js and Redux          reactredux          [C#]        Web/MVC/SPA                     
Blazor Server App                             blazorserver        [C#]        Web/Blazor                      
Blazor Server App Empty                       blazorserver-empty  [C#]        Web/Blazor/Empty                
Blazor WebAssembly App                        blazorwasm          [C#]        Web/Blazor/WebAssembly/PWA      
Blazor WebAssembly App Empty                  blazorwasm-empty    [C#]        Web/Blazor/WebAssembly/PWA/Empty
Class Library                                 classlib            [C#],F#,VB  Common/Library                  
Console App                                   console             [C#],F#,VB  Common/Console                  
dotnet gitignore file                         gitignore                       Config                          
Dotnet local tool manifest file               tool-manifest                   Config                          
EditorConfig file                             editorconfig                    Config                          
global.json file                              globaljson                      Config                          
MSBuild Directory.Build.props file            buildprops                      MSBuild/props                   
MSBuild Directory.Build.targets file          buildtargets                    MSBuild/props                   
MSTest Test Project                           mstest              [C#],F#,VB  Test/MSTest                     
MVC ViewImports                               viewimports         [C#]        Web/ASP.NET                     
MVC ViewStart                                 viewstart           [C#]        Web/ASP.NET                     
NuGet Config                                  nugetconfig                     Config                          
NUnit 3 Test Item                             nunit-test          [C#],F#,VB  Test/NUnit                      
NUnit 3 Test Project                          nunit               [C#],F#,VB  Test/NUnit                      
Protocol Buffer File                          proto                           Web/gRPC                        
Razor Class Library                           razorclasslib       [C#]        Web/Razor/Library               
Razor Component                               razorcomponent      [C#]        Web/ASP.NET                     
Razor Page                                    page                [C#]        Web/ASP.NET                     
Solution File                                 sln,solution                    Solution                        
Web Config                                    webconfig                       Config                          
Worker Service                                worker              [C#],F#     Common/Worker/Web               
xUnit Test Project                            xunit               [C#],F#,VB  Test/xUnit  
$ dotnet --list-sdks

5.0.408 [/Users/kenanhancer/.dotnet/sdk]
6.0.411 [/Users/kenanhancer/.dotnet/sdk]
7.0.305 [/Users/kenanhancer/.dotnet/sdk]

Creating a Console Project

Use any template short name after dotnet net and .NET SDK version after --framework option.

$ dotnet new console --framework net6.0 -o console-demo1

Creating a WebApi Project

$ dotnet new webapi --framework net6.0 -o webapi-todo-demo1

Specify .NET version in project folder

If you have multiple versions of the .NET Core SDK installed, the version that's used can be controlled using a global.json file. This file allows you to specify which version of the .NET Core SDK should be used.

$ dotnet new globaljson --sdk-version 6.0.411 --force

1. Creating a C# Console Project

-o or –output is location to place for new generated project.

$ dotnet new console --framework net6.0 --output enum_demo4

# OR

$ dotnet new console --framework net6.0 -o enum_demo4

# OR

$ dotnet new console --framework net6.0 --name enum_demo4
Folder Structure
Generated Project
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How to compile and run Java Projects with java and javac commands


-d is output directory for new generated class files.

How to compile single Java source file

javac -d ./target/classes src/main/java/com/extuni/enum_demo4/

How to compile multiple Java source files

javac -d ./target/classes 

How to compile multiple Java source files using wildcard

javac -d ./target/classes ./src/main/**/*.java

How to specify dependency jar file when compiling

Trying to compile ./src folder completely will throw exception due to junit.jar file dependency. So, it should be specified using -cp option which means –classpath as below.

javac -d ./target/classes -cp /Users/kenanhancer/.m2/repository/junit/junit/4.11/junit-4.11.jar ./src/**/*.java
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