How to install Java with Jabba

Runtime version managers make developers life easier. So, I tested different Java version managers. But, Jabba is the easiest one for me.

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Installing Jabba

Click Jabba link to see more detailed information about Jabba

$ curl -sL | bash && . ~/.jabba/

Make sure to source in your environment if you skip it:

$ [ -s "$JABBA_HOME/" ] && source "$JABBA_HOME/"

If you don't have JAVA_HOME environment variable, run the following code:

$ echo 'export JAVA_HOME=$HOME/.jabba/jdk/openjdk@1.14.0-1/Contents/Home' >> ~/.bash_profile
$ echo 'export JAVA_HOME=$HOME/.jabba/jdk/openjdk@1.14.0-1/Contents/Home' >> ~/.bashrc
$ echo 'export JAVA_HOME=$HOME/.jabba/jdk/openjdk@1.14.0-1/Contents/Home' >> ~/.zshrc


# list available JDK's
$ jabba ls-remote

# you can use any valid semver range to narrow down the list
$ jabba ls-remote zulu@~1.8.60
$ jabba ls-remote "*@>=1.6.45 <1.9" --latest=minor

# install Oracle JDK
$ jabba install 1.8

# install Oracle Server JRE
$ jabba install sjre@1.8

# install Adopt OpenJDK (Hotspot)
$ jabba install adopt@1.8-0

# install Adopt OpenJDK (Eclipse OpenJ9)
$ jabba install adopt-openj9@1.9-0

# install Zulu OpenJDK
$ jabba install zulu@1.8
$ jabba install zulu@~1.8.144 # same as "zulu@>=1.8.144 <1.9"

# install IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition
$ jabba install ibm@1.8

# install GraalVM CE
$ jabba install graalvm@1.0-0

# install OpenJDK
$ jabba install openjdk@1.10-0

# install OpenJDK with Shenandoah GC
$ jabba install openjdk-shenandoah@1.10-0

# install from custom URL
# (supported qualifiers: zip (since 0.3.0), tgz, tgx (since 0.10.0), dmg, bin, exe)
$ jabba install 1.8.0-custom=tgz+
$ jabba install 1.8.0-custom=tgx+
$ jabba install 1.8.0-custom=zip+file:///opt/

# uninstall JDK
$ jabba uninstall zulu@1.6.77

# link system JDK
$ jabba link system@1.8.72 /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_72.jdk

# list all installed JDK's
$ jabba ls

# switch to a different version of JDK (it must be already `install`ed)
$ jabba use adopt@1.8
$ jabba use zulu@~1.6.97

$ echo "1.8" > .jabbarc
# switch to the JDK specified in .jabbarc (since 0.5.0)
$ jabba use

# set default java version on shell (since 0.2.0)
# this version will automatically be "jabba use"d every time you open up a new terminal
$ jabba alias default 1.8

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