How to create and run Java project with Maven

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1. Creating a Java Project with Maven

mvn archetype:generate 
for example
mvn archetype:generate 
Maven Directory Layout
Generated file content
POM file

Generated pom.xml file looks like as below.

You can see updated version of pom.xml file in the following screenshot.

2. Compiling Java Project with Maven

mvn compile

Directory layout will be changed as below.

3. Cleaning Java Project with Maven

mvn clean

Cleaning command deletes generated target folder as shown in the following screenshot.

4. Compiling and running Unit tests

mvn test
Compiling Unit Test without running

If you simply want to compile your test sources (but not execute the tests), you can execute the following:

mvn test-compile

5. Packaging Java Project with Maven

It compiles, run unit test and package the project into a jar file and puts it into the project/target folder.

mvn package
Skipping Unit Test
mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true package

6. Installing Package in Local Maven Repository

Now you'll want to install the artifact you've generated (the JAR file) in your local repository (${user.home}/.m2/repository is the default location).

mvn install

7. Run Java main Method with Maven

Without arguments

mvn clean compile exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="com.extuni.enum_demo4.App" 
With arguments

mvn clean compile exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="com.extuni.enum_demo4.App" -Dexec.args="arg0 arg1 arg2"  
Updating pom.xml file

If you don't want to specify main class full path in terminal, just update pom.xml file as the following

mvn clean compile exec:java

As you can see, project is cleaned, compiled and run main method. So output is Hello World! in terminal window.

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