Oracle Docker Container Exercise

You can up and run Oracle Docker container in your local machine and later connect from sqlplus CLI to query your database.

Follow the following Oracle GitHub link for more details

After cloning Oracle docker-images repository from GitHub, run the following command in your terminal to build a Oracle Docker XE image.

docker build --force-rm=true --no-cache=true --shm-size=1G --build-arg DB_EDITION=xe -t oracle/database:18.4.0-xe -f Dockerfile.xe .

When build is done, run the following command to start a Oracle XE Database container.

docker run -d --name oracleXe --network=oracle_xe_network -p 1521:1521 -p 5500:5500 -e ORACLE_PWD="Pass_123456" oracle/database:18.4.0-xe

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