IBM Cloud – API Connect – Developer Portal Usage

I have already mentioned many details about IBM API Connect service in this post But, I tried to emphasize some details more clearly. There is a sequential structure in IBM API Connect. That is Cloud Foundry Organisations => Spaces => Catalogs => Products => APIs. In this case, if we want to find any API, we need to know Cloud Foundry Org, Space, Catalog, Product respectively so that we can find our API.

Cloud Foundry Orgs

Cloud Foundry Orgs can be find under Account and Cloud Foundry orgs menu as shown below screenshot. In my case, I have 4 Cloud Foundry Orgs. As I said preceding, there is spaces under Organisations. So, there is 1 space in APIGateway-dev organisation and 2 spaces in organisation. APIGateway-dev2 and APIGateway-dev3 don't have any spaces.

So, let's see APIGateway-dev org details in the following screenshot.

This screenshot shows APIGateway-dev Users. There is also Space Users.
There is only one user in red space. This means that we nee give access any user organisation level first and later space level. Let say we have dev, test, preprod and prod spaces. We can give access to developers only for dev and test not for preprod and prod so that APIs can be deployed by deployment team.

Creaing New Space under Cloud Foundry Org

As seen there are two spaces in APIGateway-dev.

you can follow this post and find Creating API Connect Service header.

Creating New Catalogs

IBM is designed API Connect from top to bottom.

Detecting Client ID and Client Secret

Client ID and Client secret are necessary when calling api by Gateway developer, so that, they can easily test gateway API.

Publishing Developer Portal for Third Party Providers

Every catalog has a separate Developer Portal. In order to demonstrate, I have created Developer Portal for Dev, Test and Prod Catalogs respectively.

Dev Catalog's Developer Portal Publishment

Test Catalog's Developer Portal Publishment

Prod Catalog's Developer Portal Publishment

Specifying User Registry for Developer Portal

Developer Portal User Registry of a catalog is selected from the following UI. More details can be reached from

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