JavaScript Prototype Inheritance with function declaration and expression in ES5

I hope that somebody who forgets this kinds of basic but very important information will find this post very useful. I have demonstrated different cases of inheritance(extension) in JavaScript so that JavaScript developers can achieve OOP.

This sample code is written in different concepts you should read the following posts as well.

I try to demonstrate inheritance with ES5 in this demo. Notice that I have used function declaration and function expression in the following code examples.

After a function is created, it looks like as following picture in the run-time.

These three pictures below show that every function created like Vehicle has common fields. Notice that screenshots show only function fields.

Inheritance with function expression

functions like function Person(), function Employee() and function Manager() don't have any parameters but we can read value of parameters from arguments. arguments is a built-in function parameter.

In order to pass arguments other functions I have used function apply method.

I updated above example code as shown below. The following code demonstrate parameterised functions with function call method.

The only difference between function call and apply is that call only accepts parameters one by one but apply accepts parameters as an array., personId, firstName, lastName, age, gender);
Person.apply(this, arguments);

Inheritance with function declaration(statement)

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