Homebrew package manager for Mac OS

Homebrew is a package manager for Mac OS. You can find more details in http://brew.sh . You can install and uninstall software that you need easily from Command Line Interface. You can read http://kenanhancer.com/2016/10/27/chocolatey-package-manager-for-windows/ for Windows package manager. I think this explanation is enough. Let's see how to use brew.

Homebrew main page


There are more than 3500 packages in Homebrew.

Homebrew package search site


Installing Homebrew, in a Terminal window, copy-paste the following command, and press Enter

Checking Homebrew

brew –version

Checking Homebrew system

Check  your  system  for potential problems with following command.

brew doctor

Updating Homebrew

If you want to ensure the newest version of Homebrew, run the following command in a Terminal window.

brew update

Installing package

Let's say that you need to use a no sql database (Redis or Mongo, etc.)

brew install redis

brew install mongodb

brew install node

Uninstalling package

If you want to uninstall a package, there are 3 different usages.

If –force is passed, and there are multiple versions of formula installed, delete all installed versions.

brew uninstall, rm, remove [–force]

brew rm redis

brew remove node

brew uninstall redis

brew uninstall node

Reinstalling package

If you want to reinstall a package again, run the following command in a Terminal window.

brew reinstall redis

brew reinstall mongodb

brew reinstall node

Listing packages

If you want to list all packages installed, then run the following command.

brew list, ls [–full-name]

brew list

brew ls

Searching packages

brew search (–debian|–fedora|–fink|–macports|–opensuse|–ubuntu) text

Search for text in the given package manager's list.

Opening Homepage

Open Homebrew's own homepage in a browser.

brew home

If you want to open a package's homepage in a browser, then use following command.

brew home node

Package Information

Display information about package.

brew info node

Detailed Information brew CLI

man brew



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